Business Weighs In On Possible Minimum Wage Increase

A campaign to raise Michigan's minimum wage is gaining steam, but not everyone is on board.

A new initiative was given to the Secretary of State's Office to get the measure on the ballot on Monday.

Michigan's minimum wage is $7.40 an hour right now, while the federal minimum wage is $7.25.

If this new proposal makes it on the ballot, and passes, it would eventually put the state minimum wage at $9.50 an hour.

The proposal also aims to bump the wage for tipped employees from $2.65 by $0.85 every year until it equals $9.50.

Sharon Cox owns Sharon's Country Restaurant just south of Big Rapids. According to the owner, any increase would hurt the already struggling business.

One of her waitresses says she is also on the fence about the increase because it can hurt businesses.

Both agree if people only consider their bank accounts, the proposal will get signatures.

9&10's Breelynn Martin and Photojournalist Jacob Johnson spoke with the owner and waitress.