Michigan Microbreweries Hoping For More Local Malt Industries

Michigan's craft beer industry is booming right now but lacking some local supplies.

Many microbreweries say they are excited about the spike in interest but need supply companies to rise to the occasion.

Michigan only has two craft malting operations which is not meeting the demand for breweries.

Right Brain Brewery in traverse City says they go through several super bags of malt each week and because of the lack of local maltsters they have to buy from other states.

Leif Kolt, works at Right Brain Brewery says, “It's a little unfortunate maybe that the malt industry is kind of behind the hop industry in that sense in Michigan, but I have 100% faith that because of the community and the type of people we have in this state, that they'll be on board really soon.”

Brewery Terra Firma says they buy as much local supplies as possible and hope more maltsters join Michigan's booming beer industry.

John Niedermaier, brew master at Brewery Terra Firma says, “It would really be great to be able to brew specifically a beer that is 100% locally grown and malted barley as well as local hops.”

9&10's Katie Boomgaard spoke with a few local breweries about the booming industry and the importance of local suppliers.