Lumber Storage Unit Catches Fire in Mason County

Storage unit full of lumber catches fire.

The owner says his heart stopped when he found out his property was on fire.

Crews worked quickly to put out a large fire in a storage building at Macatawa Forest Products in Ludington.

Jim Post, owner of Macatawa Forest says, “It's probably the best building that could have an issue if you're going to have an issue with a fire because it's a long ways away from my production area.”

Post says there was about 25,000 feet of lumber which is about 20 to $30,000 worth of lumber. The lumber belongs to customers. The building is an old sawmill and a company next door still uses equipment inside, and that equipment may have sparked the fire.

And the nearest fire hydrant was a quarter mile away, forcing the fire department to shut down the Pere Marquette Highway.

Everything Post lost in the fire is covered by insurance, and Macatawa is working to quickly compensate customers who lost lumber in the fire.

9&10's Katie Boomgaard spoke with the owner who has a lot of cleaning up to do.