Good Deeds Make All the Difference to Help “Mountain Man”

William Berkshire III, commonly known as “Mountain Man” is a Traverse City native.

Berkshire fell on hard times about a decade ago, and has been living in trailers ever since.

Sunday night a fire started in the wood stove he used to keep warm.

Unable to stop the growing flames, Berkshire watched as the fire department tried to contain the fire.

But in the end, the Mountain Man's only home, and possessions were ruined and he found himself legitimately homeless.

Since then, the co-owners of Roy's General Store have stepped in to help Berkshire get back on his feet – and the community has followed in their example.

Donations in the form of money and clothing are coming to Roy's every day.

9&10's Marisa McKay and photojournalist Jeremy Erickson caught up with the Mountain Man to learn what the community support has meant during this difficult time.