Farmers, Food Pantries React to Farm Bill

After a grueling two years, Congress finally approved the farm bill.

For farmers, they say this bill is a step in the right direction, especially right here in Northern Michigan.

The bill will provide a number of benefits like expanded crop insurance to farmers, which will definitely help fruit growers who lost big in the past.

The bill also drops direct payments to farmers who were not growing anything.

Local corn grower Frank Lipinski says the bill was very important in order to establish policy.

On the other hand, the bill will also cut $8 billion to food stamps, which is expected to hurt places that give food to the needy like the Salvation Army. But the bill will add about $200 million to food bank programs nationwide, though it's not clear how local food banks could benefit.

The bill will head to President Obama, who plans to sign it in East Lansing on Friday.

9&10's Breelynn Martin and Photojournalist Jacob Johnson spoke have the story.

For information on food assistance through the Cadillac Salvation Army CLICK HERE. For their Facebook page CLICK HERE. Or you can reach them at (231) 775.7131.