Women, Children Shelter In Need Of Donations To Finish House

A new women and children's shelter needs some help to open its doors.

The Joppa House in Charlevoix is short about $25,000.
They're trying to put finishing touches on the transitional home.

The home is intended to help women and children who are homeless or facing homelessness.

Those who stay will be able to further their education or take part in counseling or substance abuse recovery programs.

They will also offer a daycare so mothers will be able to job hunt.

Ginger Stevens, the Director of the Joppa House says, “it grieves my heart that we can't get open at this point because every day that we're not open is a day that we cannot help someone.”
 The Joppa House says if they raise the money they could open in about four weeks.  
If you are interested in donating to the Joppa House, follow the link posted on the left. 
The Joppa House still needs to do the basement and stairwell ceilings, install trim and crown molding on the main floor, install heating in the upper level, insulate, install a kitchen counter and more. In the summer, they would like to finish landscaping and create a play area and fence.