Nationwide Salt Shortage Affecting Northern Michigan Businesses

As snow falls day after day in Northern Michigan, plow companies need more supplies than ever.

Right now, there is a salt shortage nationwide which is trickling down to businesses here in Northern Michigan.

Places like McGough's in Traverse City are trying to keep up with the demand for salt, but it's not easy.

Tim Lampton, owner of McGough's says, “When the demand is the highest, sometimes we can't get product. Normally we manage to keep product in, not as much as we want but it is a challenge.”

McGough's buys salt directly from the manufacturers and many of them are running out because of the nationwide demand.

Lampton says, “Some of the blended products are actually made by fertilizer companies and because of the time of the year, they will soon start making fertilizer and this will go by the waist-side, so there's extreme shortages.”

And once plow businesses heard of the shortage, they stocked up and are keeping their materials in McGough's warehouse.

9&10's Katie Boomgaard has an inside look at the impact of the shortage.