TC Man Attempts To Escape From GT Co. Jail

Corrections officers in Grand Traverse County quickly trapped a man trying to escape the County Jail.

Now he's in a lot more trouble.
The Sheriff's department says Alexander Sundling, of Traverse City, was headed to jail for resisting arrest and a warrant out of Antrim County.
The warrant indicates Sundling was wanted for retail fraud and driving with a suspended license.

While he was being booked, he heard the door to the intake garage open behind him.

A female delivery driver was bringing items inside.

That's when officers say Sundling bolted for the door, shoving the woman out of the way.

But the exterior garage doors were all closed, so there was nowhere for him to go. The picture shows the garage he ran into and was caught. 

He fought a bit, but deputies re-arrested him, and he now faces more charges for trying to escape and attacking the delivery driver.