Renovations at Fishtown Continue With Goal of March Deadline

It's a vision seven years in the making – this winter, the Fishtown Preservation group is finally able to renovate the historic site.

They purchased the property in 2007.

The cost of the property coupled with renovations totals $350,000 – money that has been donated and generated through fundraising.

The renovation project at the Leland historical site isn't just for looks.

The local economy relies heavily on the fishery as well as the tourism Fishtown brings.

The overall goal of keeping Fishtown a working commercial fishery has been well received.

According to an anchor, or supporter of Fishtown, the alternative is not an option.

9&10's Marisa McKay and photojournalist Jeremy Erickson take us to Historic Fishtown with a look at the progress crews are making despite Mother Nature's interference.