Young Americans Look to State of the Union Address for Answers on What Their Future May Hold

Many young Americans looking to President Obama for answers tonight about the direction of the country and what their future may hold.

Many of the Central Michigan University students that 9 & 10 News spoke with will soon be entering the “real world,” and they looked to tonight's address for cues on how our country may be evolving, and the state of the nation for them.

“A lot of people are opting out of college because they can't afford it so it's kind of like saying no to a future because of money,” says Kenah Lyons.

President Obama addressed the fact that economic inequality has deepened, and it's something that concerns many students at CMU, especially how that may affect their opportunity for higher education.

“There's a lot of people that don't have the same opportunities just based on where they grew up, their parents income, and what not. There's a lot of things that go into it but that doesn't make them any less intelligent and they still deserve an opportunity,” says Kirby Bondy.

And after these students graduate, they want to make sure they are joining the ranks of the employed, and not the unemployed.

“I'm paying so much for my education, and what not, that I want to have plenty of opportunities when I get out,” explains Bondy.

And one young man hopeful that President Obama will continue to improve the Affordable Care Act, so all can be insured.

“Definitely for me, healthcare is a big thing. I'm thinking about my friends signing up for Obamacare and everything, it's just a really big issue. Because I think it's something to be improved upon but I think there's a good foundation,” says Ruben Shell.

Many hopeful that 2014 will bring improvements for all.

“It's really hard to bring a failing nation back to the top but I'm really looking for more.”