Some Are Weary, Others Cheery About Traverse City’s Extreme Winter Season

Lots of snow, wind, and ice are characterizing this winter season.

The National Weather Service says typically in late January, temperatures hover around the twenty-eight degree mark, but anyone who has spent time outside the past few weeks knows that most weeks the mercury has been hovering much lower.

NWS also says Traverse City has exceeded average snowfall for the entire winter season, but the season still has weeks to go.

Despite the weather advisories and sometimes dangerous temperatures, there are some in the Traverse City area who are making the most of this winter season – even vacationing here.

But others who aren't accustomed to Northern Michigan's climates, are ready for Mother Natures to bring on the spring.

9&10's Marisa McKay and photojournalist Jeremy Erickson talked to people at both ends of the spectrum to find out how they're feeling after weeks of this wicked weather.