Mason County Road Commission Battling Blowing Snow

Road commissions have been battling the blowing snow for more than 24 hours now.

High winds and more snow made roads undriveable.

The Mason County Sheriff advised residents last night to stay home if at all possible. And again today, the road commission is asking motorists to stay off the roads as they try to clear up as many main roads as possible.

They say its a big mess and will take some time to clean up. The road commission says it's a never ending battle because after they've plowed one road, they have to turn right back around and do it again because of the blowing snow.

Joe Fiers, a driver for Mason County Road Commission says, “People just gotta understand what we're going through out here. They may think that we're not going to get to them, but we will sooner or later because we can't get off from the highways and the primary's to get to the back roads right away.”

Fiers also says he has seen many abandoned cars stuck in the roadways. Fiers says, “Stay home, because if you try and get out and then you end up getting stuck in the road, it's just another road hazard for us to deal with and it's going to take us that much longer to get the roads open.”

9&10's Katie Boomgaard took a ride with the Mason County Road Commission to see the conditions they are dealing with.