Sno*Drift Rally Brings Professional Racers and Revenue to Montmorency County

Businesses in Montmorency County say most of their business this time of year is when snowmobilers stop in. That is.. until the Sno*Drift Rally comes to town.

It's an action packed annual competition race with modified cars racing on a closed circuit through the woods, one at a time.

This is the only event they race in this year that involves snow, which makes the experience unique for both spectators and drivers.

This is one of 8 events on the Rally America Calendar, and more than 58 cars are registered to race this weekend. It brings professional drivers from across the U.S., and some international drivers.

Local businesses say they support the event and enjoy all of the business it brings to the area. Organizers of Sno*Drift Rally say the weekend event brings millions of dollars into the community, and brings it to life.

There will be spectator spots throughout the town, lights set up, food tents and warming areas for people who want to come watch.

The race will be in Lewiston on Friday and Atlanta on Saturday. We have a link to the web site which has a schedule of events posted just under the picture to the left.

9&10's Alyssa Gambla and photojournalist Erin Malone stopped by the Sno*Drift Rally practice today to learn more about the race.