Feedback at 5:00: Medical Marijuana Use By Minors

Medical marijuana is legal here in Michigan and a growing number of other states.

And one family in Texas, where it's still illegal, says they are moving because the drug is the key to keeping their daughter alive.

Hannah Loew is 3 years old.

Doctors diagnosed her with Dravet syndrome, which is a severe form of epilepsy.

She has anywhere from 50 to 100 seizures a day, some lasting more than an hour.

Hannah has also been on life support several times.

Her parents believe using marijuana may be the answer, so they are moving to Colorado, where the drug was recently made legal on a recreational level.

Several children are on the state's medical marijuana registry in Michigan.
 Instead of smoking it, children often ingest it in another way, such as baked goods or in liquid form with a vaporizer.
 The drug is still illegal at the federal level, and some doctors say it should not be used by adults.
 And because of a lack of clinical studies, it's not clear what the long term impact of use by children could be.
What do you think of minors using marijuana for medical reasons?
 It's tonight's Feedback at 5:00.