People Bundle Up as Bitter Cold Returns

Despite dipping into the single digits, some people managed to find themselves outdoors tonight.

It is so cold right now, that unless you have to be outside, it's a good night to stay indoors.

“Just bitterly cold, nothing wants to work, everything's freezing up, and you're having problems with equipment, and just getting out there and just withstanding the cold, it's cold!”

Charles Letts says despite being an ice fisherman, the freezing temperatures drew him off the ice earlier than usual.

“It's horrible, it's bone-chilling, it cuts right through you.”

So cold that Charles couldn't even get a hold of his friends who were still out on the lake.

“It's actually cold enough where you put your phone out there, and it's killing your batteries. Phones are so cold so you can't get a hold of 'em right now.”

While some were turning in from the cold, others had no choice but to head out in it.

“We hope that they come to the door as soon as possible so we're not standing out there.”

B.C. Pizza delivery driver Antonio Deleon says the best way to handle it is by bundling up, and the warmth from customers makes the bitter cold a bit more bearable.

“When we do go and deliver pizzas, people are very thankful that we did make our way out there to their house in this weather.”

Both men said they definitely wouldn't mind if mother nature warmed things up a bit.