Manton Consolidated Schools Hopes Voters Pass Bond Proposal to Improve District

A northern Michigan school district hopes a bond proposal will give their schools the improvements they desperately need.

Manton Consolidated Schools held a meeting tonight to inform parents and the community on a proposed four point four million dollar plan, and hoped to find some support.

The need for improvements is apparent at the schools- the roofs are damaged, and some lockers are more than 50-years old.

And that's just a small portion of things they are looking to fix.

“Our focus is in three areas- safety, technology, and building improvements and the amount that this bond, if it is passed, would make $4.45 million.”

Superintendent Mark Parsons says with declining revenues they have been unable to make improvements that should have been made years ago.

“As far as buildings, we have several areas in our building that need roofs, we have an older part of our building where we have a heating and cooling ventilators that are 1961 vintage.”

They also want to make sure students are able to learn by using the latest technology, while in a safe environment.

“We plan to make our entry ways far more secure so we have controlled access to the building. It's our hope that people will evaluate and see that if we can purchase, as an example, technology, from the bond then we don't have take that amount of the money from the general fund,” says Parsons.

If the bond isn't passed, other program offerings would likely face the chopping block.

“If we don't have the opportunity to pay for these things with the bond issued, the things that we have to do will come from our already stressed general fund and we hope to avoid that,” Parsons explains.

Many optimistic that Manton will vote “yes” for changes that will better the future for many.

“The improvements that they're talking about doing are all just great things that are just going to benefit all the children.”

If the bond passes, there would be no change in property taxes in the district and improvements would likely begin as soon as school is out for summer.

Voters will decide on February 25th.