Hook & Hunting: Feeding Deer With Permits Allowed In UP

Due to lots of snow this winter, the DNR is now allowing people with the right permits to feed deer in the UP.

The DNR says this is common for part of the UP, but is very rare for the lower counties like Mackinac and Chippewa.

It shows just how rough this winter has been so far.

The DNR says it helps people feel better that deer will make it through the winter a little more easily.

If you want to supplementally feed, you do need a permit from the DNR.

Ashley Autenrieth, a deer program biologist of the DNR, says “contact your local office. They do outline the rules you have to follow. You should be a quarter mile from a paved road to decrease the possibility of deer vehicle collisions.”
They say people have to also be careful of what they feed the deer.
Things like hay or other things they would normally eat, are the safest bet.