GT County Dispatch Center Saw Increase in Emergency Calls After Major Snowfall

With all this intense winter weather in Northern Michigan, emergency dispatch centers are slammed with calls for help.

The Grand Traverse County dispatch center says they quadrupled the number of calls they usually receive because of recent bad road conditions.

The Traverse City area was hit with a large amount of snow in just a few hours last night, which had dispatchers working overtime. Ryan Anderson, the Grand Traverse County 911 dispatch supervisor says, “We had 109 9-1-1 calls come in in a 2 hour period between 3 and 5, the 4 o'clock hour alone was 77 calls, which is over 1 a minute.”

And what helped them get the word out fast was posting a statement on their Facebook page. Jason Torrey, Grand Traverse County 911 deputy director says, “We feel that if we could tell even half of those people that Silver Lake Road is shut down and they can find an alternate route, that's only going to benefit not only them but us as well. We don't always have the opportunity to do it as quick as maybe people would like but I think its probably quicker than they'll ever get it any other way.”