Chippewa Co. Drug Investigation Leads To Four Drug-Related Arrests

The Straits Area Narcotics Enforcement team made more drug arrests this weekend in Chippewa County.

SANE executed a search warrant at a duplex on Andary Avenue Friday. There they found evidence of a meth lab, but made no arrests. The other half of the duplex housed a Head Start program for children.

SANE then searched a Soo Township home Saturday morning, and found an active meth lab. Chemicals, components, and equipment for making meth were taken, along with syringes, digital scales and other drug paraphernalia.
SANE says when the manufacturer took off when he knew police were looking for him. They say in that short amount of time, they found evidence the meth lab started back up at the second location.

Four people were arrested at the scene, one accused of having heroin and three accused of making methamphetamine.

Sean Kirkland Senior, Jay Tanner, Kevin Farnquist and Fawn Teeple are all charged with conspiracy to make meth.
Kirkland faces more charges for labs found at both locations.
Teeple and Farnquist are also charged with maintaining a drug house.
More charges are expected in the future.
SANE says a maintenance worker noticed a strong chemical smell coming from the duplex. Because they knew this could be a sign of a meth lab, the person contacted police. SANE says this helped the investigation.
SANE says if you notice strong chemical smells, all windows of a home opened during the winter and short term traffic to report it to police.  Also unusual bottles with a sludgy substance inside of them could point to a meth lab as well. Police say any kind of tip helps.
9&10's Alyssa Gambla and photojournalist Erin Malone have continuing coverage of the recent meth investigations in Chippewa County.