Road Commissions in Full Force Today Battling Icy Roads

The combination of ice and rain has made for double trouble for Northern Michigan roads.

Road commissions are out in full force today.

The Missaukee County Road Commission says these conditions are the worst they've seen in years.

They have been putting salt and sand down on many of the primary and secondary roads, but they say a lot of the back roads are like driving on an ice rink.

Denny Nebo, superintendent for Missaukee County Road Commission says, “The last few years we really didn't have much of this ice like this, but this is definitely one of the worst we've come across.”

They even had a couple of their big trucks slid off the road. And this was the first time in 10 years they had to put chains on their tires.

9&10's Katie Boomgaard took a ride with the superintendent of Missaukee County Road Commission to see what they were dealing with.