GT Co. Hit & Run Followed By Short Chase

What started as a drunk driving crash in Grand Traverse County turned into a short chase through knee-deep snow.

Deputies responded to an accident on South Long Lake Road.

A car rear-ended a UPS truck, then the driver of the car tried punching the UPS driver.

The suspect and a passenger took off, but abandoned their car not far from scene.
 Deputies tracked footprints for two miles until finally catching up with the driver and his 19-year-old passenger.
 That's where police say things got even more interesting.  
Lt. Brian Giddis of the Grand Traverse Sheriff's Department says, “the registered owner did call and try to report his car stolen as our deputies investigated, and determined that was not true and he was making a false report.”
Deputies say charges are being sought against both the driver of the car, and the car's registered owner.
 The teen was given a ticket for underage drinking.