Rare Ice Jams Raise Concern Along AuSable River

As temperatures warm up, many living along the AuSable River are keeping a close eye on some rare ice jams.

Several ice jams popped up overnight along the river in Crawford County.

The biggest area of concern is near South McMasters Bridge Road in South Branch Township.

Carol Marenko lives along the river and says, “I've never seen the kind of freeze that we're having right now. It's been freezing in from the edges but to freeze across is kind of one of those days you mark in your calendar.” Carol says she is not concerned about her property because it's high up, but part of her low line property is flooded.

Their biggest concern right now is this weekend's forecast that could bring warmer temperatures and rainfall.

The Crawford County Emergency Manager says those living along the river should keep a close eye on their properties this weekend. If flooding does occur, Red Cross will step in to help.

9&10's Katie Boomgaard and photojournalist Jake Johnson spent the day by the river and have more details on the conditions.