Michigan Sex Offender Found After 14 Years in Hiding

A Michigan sex offender has been flying under the radar for more than a decade. Police finally captured him. He hasn't registered as a sex offender since 1999.

Dan Harden was charged Monday in Roscommon County with a sexual assault that happened last month, and failing to update his sex offender registry information.
Police say Harden has a long history of sex crimes and hasn't updated the sex offender registry since 1999, in California.
Just recently, a 20-year-old Michigan man came forward saying he was sexually assaulted by Harden after a night of drinking in Roscommon County.
Police say no one knew about Harden because he doesn't share personal information with anyone. They ended up finding him in a heated shed near a house he was looking after.
He is being held in the Roscommon County Jail on a $500,000 bond.
Investigators believe there could be other victims in the case, and are asking anyone with information on Harden to contact the Roscommon County Sheriff's Department at 989-275-5101.
9&10's Katie Boomgaard and photojournalist Tony Zyber spoke with police about this long sought-after fugitive and has more details.