Cadillac Police Officer Retires After 37 Years Protecting & Serving

After nearly 40 years under his belt, protecting and serving, Matthew Wohlfeill is retiring from the Cadillac Police Department.

Wohlfeill is a Police Captain, and has served as Cadillac's Interim Chief of Police for the past three years.

He started his career as a dispatcher, and also worked in the Saginaw-area as an officer before re-locating his family to Cadillac about 25 years ago.

Altogether, Wohlfeill has dedicated 37 years to police work, and says one of the most fulfilling parts of his career is getting to help those in need.

Wohlfeill says, “they've been a great community to work for.  They treat their officers really well, we get a lot of support in the community, and it's been a great place to work and raise a family.”
Wohlfeill calls retirement “bittersweet”.
 Friday is his last day on the job.