Charlevoix Family Needs Community Support After Terrible Accident

A freak accident at work leaves a Charlevoix County man with a long road to recovery, and his family needs help.

On Halloween, Travis Butterfield of Charlevoix was hurt in an accident at Petoskey Plastics.
A 1,300 pound roll of plastic film and pallet fell on him from 50 feet above.
Travis broke a leg, both hips and a vertebrae.
Like many families, Travis' family was living from paycheck to paycheck, and he was working two jobs to care for five children.  
Now, he can't work, and workman's compensation only gives them a few hundred dollars a week.
Travis says, “…and I could say I had my guardian angels with me that day.  You know its like I wish it never happened, but I'm glad I'm here. It definitely has brought everyone a lot closer but its just hard, ya know.  It's effecting me, it's effecting my family and we're going to learn to deal with it the best we can.”
It will be a long road for Travis, as his doctor's believe he may have PTSD from the accident.  
But, they do say he will walk again. 
Donations for the family can be sent to:
Travis Butterfield
11600 Shaw Rd
Charlevoix, MI 49720
Or to donate online, you can use the GIVE button on his Fundrazr page. The link is posted on the left and HERE
Cards and letters of encouragement are also welcome.