Heavy Snowfall Means Petoskey Residents Start The Day Shovel in Hand

With Christmas right around the corner, people living in Emmet County couldn't let a little, or in their case a lot of snow get in the way of last minute preparations.

So many in Petoskey started their Monday with a shovel.

Homeowners and businesses alike found issue with the snow this morning.

Some people, who have been snow plowing daily since Thanksgiving, took to their roofs to stay on top of the snow, literally. They cited leaking as a concern to want to shovel snow from top to bottom.

And those with storefronts downtown were wary of the bad weather, and tried to clear the snow to make way for the last minute shoppers.

9&10's Marisa McKay and photojournalist Jeremy Erickson spent the afternoon in Petoskey and continue the team coverage on this winter weather, and how it's affecting your holiday season.