Groomers Begin Working on Snowmobile Trails in Wexford County

Groomers are working on snowmobile trails and they are expecting a great season ahead.

Slightly warmer temperatures have meant good news for trail conditions.

Many groomers in the Cadillac area have just started working on the trails in the past few days. A team of volunteers maintains several trails in Wexford County.

Last year crews say they were not able to start until several weeks later. The cold temperatures have been slowing down progress to the early start of the season.

“We've had a lot of fluffy snow and so the fluffy snow just goes all over with the drag. What you need is…to be a little bit warmer out so what happens is it will freeze and that gives you a really good base,” said Paula Lutz with Cadillac Winter Promotions.

Snowmobilers say they would love to see even more wet snow to build up the base.

Kyle Mitchell and photojournalist Tony Zyber have more on what the grooming process means for the area and the start of the snowmobiling season.