Traverse City Open Space Limited To Four Festivals During Summer

The Open Space in Traverse City will be a little more open next year.
 The city commission voted Monday night to limit the number of festivals held in the park.
Discussion over so-called festival fatigue started in the fall after some who live in Traverse City complained there were too many events.
This year, there were seven festivals at the Open Space, bringing in hundreds of thousands of people.
 Monday night, the city decided to cut back — with just one high impact festival in June, and one in August.  
 The Cherry Festival and Film Festival are allowed to stay as-is.
 Supporters of the new limitations say all the festivals create too much congestion during the summer months.
  But local businesses and event coordinators say they bring growth to the community.
9&10's Vanessa Fayz has the latest on how people are reacting to last night's decision.