Budget Deal Passes In House

A rare compromise in a divided Washington — the budget deal made it through the House this afternoon.

This is the first bipartisan budget agreement to come out of a divided Congress since 1986.
The plan cuts the deficit by billions of dollars and eases across the board spending — which is also known as sequestration.
 However, it does not extend unemployment benefits for around 1-million Americans.
 9&10 News spoke with Representative Dave Camp this afternoon about why he voted in favor of the new budget.
“It actually reduces the deficit by an additional more than 20 billion dollars, from what we had before. It also makes a big attempt to reduce mandatory spending without and significant tax increases. It's actually a good step forward and I'm going to support it,” said Dave Camp.
We reached out to Democrat Senator Debbie Stabenow today — she says she is still reviewing the details of the plan.
 But fellow Democrats say they support it. Representative Nancy Pelosi says “we would have preferred something quite different, but we do recognize the value of coming to a decision.”
It's believed the budget has enough votes to get through Congress.
 The President says, if that happens, he'll sign it.