Ordinance Would Restrict Feeding Stray Cats

A Manistee County woman is concerned about a proposed ordinance that would prevent her and others from feeding stray cats.

Supporters of the idea say the population is out of control and feeding them only makes it worse.

The Kaleva woman says she is providing a service to the area and is actually keeping the population from growing.

The issue is expected to brought up at the next village meeting.

The woman who feeds most of the cats says she is doing the right thing and if she stops feeding the animals they will still remain in the area.

She uses her own money to feed and have the cats fixed.

“You think about how many kittens these mother cats would have if I didn't have them fixed. There's a gentleman over by the bank that's getting them fixed. We have stopped the population 10 times over,” said Mary Lakso.

We reached out to village officials today but no one was available for comment. It is important to remember the ordinance idea is a proposal and has not been voted on yet.

Kyle Mitchell and photojournalist Jacob Johnson have more on the debate from Manistee County.