Police Warn Of Phone Scam That Targets Older People

The Grand Traverse Sheriff's Office wants the public to be aware of a phone scam that targets elderly people. 

Victims receive a call from their “oldest grandson.” Then victim typically gives the name of their real grandson without even realizing it. 

The caller continues with a sob story about how they were arrested for a crime ranging from getting caught with drugs to being getting into a drunk driving accident, or getting into a fight while trying to help someone. 

The caller says they have a broken nose from the fight or accident explaining the unusual voice. 

The caller will ask the victim to promise not to tell their parents and to send money for bond or an attorney. 

The caller talks a lot to get an emotional response from the elderly. They even give a call back number.

When victims call back, suspects will answer and continue the scam.

Victim's banks say the transfer is actually an authorized transaction and will likely not be reimbursed. 

Police encourage to follow up any phone solicitation prior to giving money or information to anyone.