Treadmill Engineered by NASA Paves the Road to Recovery at McLaren Northern Michigan

Damon Whitfield at McLaren Northern Michigan says the most common reaction to the AlterG is, “Wow, it's like I'm walking on the moon.”

Thanks to NASA, patients can use this moon walking feeling, to help them recover. It's the first treadmill of its kind in Michigan.

The AlterG is similar to a water treadmill in it's purpose. It helps the patient feel weightless, and regain muscle strength, flexibility and confidence in walking.

You get in, it fills up with air, and you defy gravity. Patients like David Van Dam started out on 20% of his body weight after undergoing double knee surgery. As treatment progresses, more body weight is added to the patient. Therapists say this helps people get walking a lot quicker than conventional treatments.

Whitfield says the look on people's faces when they can walk without pain and fatigue is something truly amazing.

The machine has a wide range of uses. People who have had any kind of injuries, surgeries or an event like a stroke,  can benefit from the AlterG.

Athletes can also see improvement when they use it.

To find out more about the AlterG and it's uses click HERE.

You can also find out more by calling  1-800-248-6777.