Feedback at 5:00: What Should The Requirements Be For The Honor Roll?

Tuesday's Feedback at 5:00:

A Florida mother is not impressed with her son's report card, or the fact that he made the honor roll.

That's because the Pasco County Middle schooler had received a “C” and a “D” letter grade.
The report card also came with a handwritten note reading “good job.”
The card was taken back and a new note was put on it that said, “work on civics. Ask for help,” with a smiley face after the parent complained.
The principal says the honor roll is based on a points system.
If a student gets enough “A's” they can make up for an “F” grade, and still make the honor roll.
The district is now reviewing the policy.
What do you think the requirements should be for the honor roll?
It's tonight's Feedback at 5:00.