From the Blind to the Buck Pole: Hunters Describe Successful Opening Day

Now that the sun has set, hunters have left their blinds either happy with their hunt, or already anticipating tomorrow.

Tonight, successful hunters showed off their heavy harvests.

We heard plenty of stories from hunters about how their day went, most came out of the woods with the results they were hoping for.

“We've got a range from just 3-point up to 11-point so it's a wide range, all different sizes,” Jessica Miller described the turn-out so far at the Buck Pole in Marion.

By 6 tonight, the Marion Buck Pole only held 14 deer. They knew as the night carried on, that number would only grow.

“Had 52 last year, looking to have about that much or not more this year,” explained Miller.

Hunter Eric Page's buck had already been hoisted onto the pole, and from what he saw today, he expects many more bucks to be joining his.

“I'm sure there will be some good ones, there's already some good ones, up there right now, it's a good place to hunt up here in Marion,” said Page.

Over in Wellston, one hunter we spoke to had quite a different experience.

“Didn't see any deer, but it was a good day anyway. So better luck tomorrow,” said Ron Given.

The Buck Pole there drew dozens of others who shared their stories of success, like Karen Roy, who harvested a 127 pound, 7-point buck.

“About 8:20, a doe came through, and this buck behind me came following her, and had about a 25 yard shot,” she explained.

No matter their opening day outcome, all hunters agreed on one thing.

“Tomorrow I'll go back out, see if I can find something bigger!”

One thing many hunters mentioned about their experience today was that they were very careful to follow the new antler point restrictions.