President Gives Insurance Companies Option To Extend Canceled Plans In ACA

President Obama is offering what could be a temporary fix for many Americans who face losing individual insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

The deal will give insurance companies the option to allow customers to keep their old, canceled plans for another year.

It's meant to help the millions of people whose insurance companies dropped their policies because they did not meet the new guidelines.

Earlier this week, we got a look at the actual enrollment numbers.
 More than 106,000 people signed up during the first month.
 But the government expected 80% more than that.
 One of the main issues — is still not working 100%.
 Republicans argue it's proof that the law should be repealed or replaced.
This is not a guarantee — it simply gives insurance companies the option to delay.
Senator Debbie Stabenow says:
“This proposal will allow insurance companies to continue offering people their current plans, and require participating insurance companies to provide clear information about the benefits not included in people's current plans and what their options for better coverage are.  This will give consumers more choices and ensure people have the information they need to choose the best plans for themselves and their families.”
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan was quick to comment as well:
“…we will need to review and understand the substantive changes he is proposing in the ACA regulations before we are able to inform our customers of the impact of those changes on their coverage.  Our phone lines are lighting up today, but unfortunately we cannot fully inform our customers until we review the new regulations.”
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