Feedback at 5:00: Where Do You Stand On A Weapons Policy Case At A University?


Tuesday's Feedback at 5:00:
Gonzaga University is reviewing its weapons policy after an incident between two students, and an unwanted intruder.
In late October, two students used a pistol to chase an intruder from their university-owned, off-campus apartment.
The men called police and campus security, who confiscated the pistol and a shotgun – and the students were placed on probation.
Initially, the school discussed expelling the students for violating their weapons policy. They decided to stick with probation, and allow the students to stay, but the men are fighting that decision because it could permanently be on their records.
For tonight's Feedback at 5:00, we want to know where you stand on this issue. Should the students have been expelled, is probation enough, or should the university drop the case all together?