UPDATE: U.P. Added To White House Medicaid Map

The White House is calling on Americans to expand Medicaid coverage so millions of Americans will not go without health insurance.

Michigan has already decided to do so.
A 9&10 News viewer alerted us to a map on whitehouse.gov that doesn't exactly reflect that.

It shows, in orange, that Michigan has made the move.

However, the map left out the entire Upper Peninsula.

We connected with Representative Dan Benishek today to get his reaction to the mistake.

He asked the White House for a correction and says: 

“Considering President Obama visited the U.P. only a few years ago, you would think he would remember to include it in the maps on his website.  

It makes you wonder if the president's omission of the entire U.P. from his maps is reflective of his views of us Yoopers?  

Frankly, it's no surprise to the many families up here that are being hurt by the president's health care plan, that he ignores us on his map.”

You can find the link posted on the left.