Bill Barnett Defeated, Carla Filkins Voted to be Cadillac’s New Mayor

It was another close race to become the mayor of Cadillac.

Two years ago, Bill Barnett beat Carla Filkins by just 18 votes.

This year, Carla Filkins will become Cadillac's new mayor, beating out Bill Barnett by 113 votes.

Both were surrounded by friends and family as they awaited the results.

After the last election, both were anxious to see what tonight's outcome would be.

“I think that two years ago when I ran, the concerns that I had were very real, and when it came time again for that opportunity to open up, I knew that those same concerns still existed,” explained Filkins before she found out she had been voted the new mayor.

Votes show that the people of Cadillac must agree, the outcome Carla Filkins was hoping for.

“I would be very humbled and I would be very excited to be the mayor of the city of Cadillac.”

Bill Barnett, Cadillac's now-former mayor and Filkins' opponent, says he always campaigned as if he was behind.

“You have to be prepared to lose if you're if in politics because it does hurt a little bit. I just worked harder this year than I ever have,” Barnett said, before he found out he lost the race.

As mayor, Filkins says she plans to work on Cadillac's relationships with surrounding townships, manufacturers, and the chamber of commerce.

“My hope for Cadillac is that we return to a sense of leadership in the community that's solution oriented and is looking out for the best interest for everyone in the city of Cadillac,” says Filkins.

Bill Barnett says if he had been elected, this would have been his last term.

“It's been tough on my family, and my friends, and I just would like to move on to get a little break go back to the way it was in 1995 before I started the runs,” says Barnett.

The end of a long-run as mayor for one candidate, the beginning of a new journey for another.

“I would just like to thank everyone, my family, and friends, and the people in Cadillac that believed that there's so many places we can go and we need to do that.”

Filkins will officially begin her term as mayor in 2014.