State Police Officers Protecting Roads from Overweight Trucks

The condition of Michigan roads is a major issue in Lansing right now as lawmakers try to find new ways to make improvements.

One way already being used is enforcing weight limit laws for commercial vehicles.

About 100 officers statewide are tasked with protecting Michigan roads from additional wear. Officers can even use portable scales to check the weight.

Some wonder if the laws are tough enough to keep the roads in top condition. The state allows more than double the weight compared to other states.

“Michigan allows a legal gross weight of up to 164,000 pounds in general most of the other states only require a max limit of up to 80,000 pounds, said State Police Officer Daniel Priebe with Michigan State Police Commercial Enforcement Division.

MDOT is installing high tech scales that are built right into roads. Those scales send back the weight to an officer's computer screen.

Kyle Mitchell and Photojournalist Martillo Palmer have more on how these officers protect the roads.