Northern Michigan Oil Company Recognized For Innovative Technologies

A Northern Michigan oil and gas business is being recognized for their cutting edge operation.

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality is touring several sites in Northern Michigan the next couple of days.

Core Energy in Otsego County is being recognized for its innovative oil production technologies.

The DEQ's theme this summer is looking at ways the department is protecting Michigan's air, land and water.

Core Energy has produced about 1.5 million barrels of oil out of the fields in Otsego County.

Bob Mannes, the CEO of Core Energy says, “We're taking CO2 that would otherwise be vented into the atmosphere, we're capturing it and compressing it, injecting it into depleted oil fields.”

This process is called CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery and Core Energy is the only business that does this in Michigan.

The director of Michigan's DEQ, Dan Wyant says, “We are a top 10 oil and gas state and we need to be taking advantage of these natural resources. It's good for Michigan and what we're seeing here today, I think is innovative and providing leadership in that area.”

9&10's Katie Boomgaard and photojournalist Jake Johnson explain what they do and its impact on Northern Michigan.