UPDATE: Man Arrested for Charlevoix County Arson

We can now tell you the name of the Charlevoix county man who police say lit a pick-up truck on fire.


Police arrested Robert Cronk over the weekend, for arson last week in Boyne City.


Cronk is accused of burning a delivery truck that belonged to the Boyne Auto Parts Store.

It happened exactly a week ago, around 12:30 in the morning.

The fire destroyed the truck, and damaged another vehicle parked next to it.


Besides arson, Cronk is charged with obstruction of justice, malicious destruction of property, and for providing alcohol to minors.


A pickup truck belonging to the Boyne Auto Parts Store on East Street was lit on fire and became totally engulfed in flames. 
Police were called to the Boyne City store around 12:30 yesterday morning.
The vehicle was completely destroyed and another car parked next to the truck was damaged by the fire. 
Witnesses were able to provide descriptions of several people seen in the area which led police to a suspect. 
Police are still investigating .