MSP: Reports of Door-To-Door Fraud

Michigan State Police out of the Alpena Post say they have received reports of a door-to-door scam.

Someone contacted police after a male and female in casual clothes arrived to the front door claiming to sell cleaning supplies.

The males salesman gave the resident a bottle of cleaning solution to the resident and said it was a free gift. He then insisted he be allowed into the house to provide new cleaning products while the female salesperson retrieved more cleaning products from the car

The resident refused to let them in and the salesman took back the “free gift” and motioned for the female to stay at the car.

Another male remained in the vehicle as well. The three drove off in a gray, full-size van and never identified a company they worked for.

Officers at the Alpena Post remind everyone never to let unknown people into your whom. 

They say that these people may be asking in order to gain more information about your personal possessions, who is usually home at that time of day, or if you have a dog.