UPDATE: Grayling In the Process of Cleaning AuSable River Oil Spill

A fire we first told you about yesterday is having an unexpected effect on a nearby river.

After a fire at a Grayling Auto Repair shop, oil started showing up in the AuSable River.

The Grayling Emergency Management Director says the water used to put out the fire mixed with oil and diesel form the cars that were inside the auto repair shop, which created a runoff into the sewer system.

Vortex units have been set up in the sewer system, which are designed to filter any substances other than water.

The units weren't able to catch all of the oil, allowing it to leak into the river.

The Grayling Fire Department is monitoring the river closely, and the spill is being cleaned up by a pollution control company from Kalkaska.

We will have continuing coverage of this story tonight on 9&10 News at 11:00.