Dad Performs Miraculous Delivery in Gaylord

All babies are miracles, but one baby girl's story in Otsego County is just a little bit more miraculous.

Baby Mia came around six weeks early, but that's just the beginning.

Mia's mother, Jessi Burns, didn't realize she was in labor and ended up having Mia at home after she says a nurse suggested she take a bath to relax.

The home delivery in Gaylord, Sunday, forced Mia's father, Jon McMurphy, to not only be 'Dad,' but 'Doctor.'

Though Mia was breech, and for medical reasons Burns had a planned C-section, both are healthy today.

That's why some are calling Mia a 'miracle baby.'

9&10's Christian Vecchioni and photojournalist Eric Davis have more details on the experience after talking with the family.