Countdown to the Bayshore: Taper Time

The Bayshore Marathon is about 2 weeks away, and the runners we've been following are working on slowing things down before race day.

Their coach says it's taper time, time to refresh the muscles.

This past weekend, the team had their 21-mile run, and everyone is pretty tired.

Coach Goss explains in this week's tip that it is possible to over-train, and wants to be sure the runners are rested.

“Welcome to taper time runners! A taper is a reduction of training volume that allows the body to repair itself and freshen up prior to race day. Tapering is important not only for you physically but mentally as well. It allows you to build up mental energy and focus prior to race day. Some runners find that during their taper they start to feel antsy and like they are losing fitness due to the training volume reduction. Do not worry about losing fitness! The bulk of you training work is done and now is the time to just focus on fine tuning your pace work and refreshing you muscles.”