Both Sides Weigh In On Kalkaska County Library Millage

Voters will decide the fate of a new library in Kalkaska County.

On Tuesday, people went to the polls to vote on a Kalkaska County Library millage.

The millage is asking for $0.87 mills for a period of 20 years, which comes to about $12.5 million to build and operate a new Kalkaska County Library.

According to the library director, the library needs more room to accommodate more people, books and technology. He also says the building is in poor shape.

Opponents say the county does have not enough money to pay for the millage.

The millage would cost a person with a home value of $60,000 about $26 more each year for 20 years.

The library will go for a millage renewal later this year if the proposal does not pass.