UPDATE: Man Arrested For Wolverine High School Break-In

Police arrested Thomas Baur for the break in of Wolverine High School earlier last month.

Police say Baur broke a window and stole candy and other food and the Cheboygan county high school.

As far as police know he acted alone.

He is charged with four several crimes for the break-in.


Police are trying to find out who broke into a Cheboygan county high school.

Last night, police say someone broke into Wolverine High School and stole candy and food items.

A window was also broken and rooms had been rummaged through.

The Cheboygan County Sheriff  says he thinks teens or young adults are responsible for the break-in based on what had happened and what was taken.

Police collected some evidence that will be analyzed at the crime lab.

The Sheriff is asking parents and others in the community to contact the Cheboygan County Sheriff Department at (231) 627-3155 or Crime Stoppers at (800) 422-5245 if they have any information about the break-in.