UPDATE: Police Arrest Man For Benzie County Theft

Benzie County Police arrested a man today who they believe stole a vehicle in Beulah.

The sheriffs office arrested Sky Stroh for multiple felonies, including stealing about $600 from the Honor Historical Society.

Authorities were also able to recover some jewelry and tickets to the Coho Festival.

Police say Stroh is a habitual offender.



Deputies are investigating a theft that left one organization out of more than $500.

The Benzie county incident happened at around 3:30 Friday morning in Beulah.

The treasurer for the Honor Historical Society was staying at a friend's house, when a man went into her unlocked car.

The man took a bag with ten tickets worth $30 each, jewelry, and a cash box with over $500 inside.

Police tell us they do have a suspect in this case, and will release more information once the investigation is finished.