UPDATE: Man Sentenced for Mason County Sex Crimes Arrest

A man accused of sexually abusing an 11-year-old girl has taken a plea deal in the case.

Thomas Battice was arrested in Custer for three sex crimes back in March.

Battice pleaded guilty to one second degree charge of criminal sexual conduct on Wednesday.

All three charges of first degree CSC were dropped.

Deputies say the victim's mother had some type of relationship with Battice.

That's how the girl came in contact with him.

The investigation started last July when a family friend filed a report.


Police arrested a Mason County man for sex crimes on Wednesday night.

Thomas Battice of Custer was arrested on a three count warrant for sex crimes of the first degree.

The investigation began in July 2012 after police received a complaint.

Police say the victim was 11 at the time of the complaint, but the abuse had been going on for five to six years before the complaint was made.

The Mason County Sheriffs Department says parents need to keep an eye on their kids and who they are hanging out with.