Co-Working Brings Creatives Together in T.C.

As more and more workers operate remotely they can miss out on common workplace experiences: collaborating with co-workers, networking or simply running ideas by someone else.

 The Traverse City area is increasingly luring in tech entrepreneurs, young workers often called “boomerangs” who return for the quality of life but who don't need a physical office. They work more online and less in brick and mortar.

 But being connected all the time can cause some to feel disconnected.

 Kirsten and Bradley Matson felt that way when they returned to Michigan after working in Arizona. These boomerangs work remotely for a company based in Arizona. They say they got tired of working from home or finding a spot at a coffee shop.

 The couple founded CoWharf Coworking Space and opened for business in December. Bradley credits time coworking in Arizona for their fondness for the concept.

 “You get to share ideas and share different techniques that you might not normally gain sitting along somewhere,” says Bradley. “Everyday there's a different mix of co-workers here and different ideas.”

 The Matsons believe the space is ideal for freelancers, and some of their members include graphic designers and programmers.

 The CoWharf is in downtown Traverse City overlooking Front Street. All of the furniture is on wheels to meet the needs of those using the space. They offer memberships, sort of like a gym. And CoWharf has all the amenities of an office, from a conference room with teleconferencing to a trusty coffee maker.

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